April 1, 2023

The Bare Walls Graffiti and Painting Contest, organised with the slogan “Love our Walls”, was held with the participation of young people. The competition involved teams of 4-7 youngsters aged between 15 and 25. It was organised in cooperation with Girne Municipality and Kyrenia  Evkaf Kindness Volunteers.

The aims of the competition are to ensure that future generations live in a healthier, environment-friendly environment and to establish in the young a culture of sustainability through recycling. The Municipality of Girne also hopes that the competition will help young people to shape the future with continuity of learning, teamwork and the sharing of ideas to achieve the fulfilment of the projects they had begun.


The teams participating in the competition started drawing graffiti in the areas allocated to them after their presentations.

Group “Underdog” (Barış Bürüncük, Özhan Durmaz, Yusuf Can Adaş, Makbule Nur Budak, İsmail Olkan Özoğlu), Group “JB” (Jessica Beaulot,  Orley Dinga, Steven Maloye, Raissa Lutonadio and Group “Adesa” (Egehan Cut, Derin Coşar, Selin Cansever, Arina Subbotina) started their work on the east and west facades of the 20 July Stadium and on Şair Nedim Sokak in the Turkish Quarter.

Source (Turkish):  Girne Municipality


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