March 21, 2023

By Chris Elliott…

We recently published an article “The Cyprus Volcano Erupted with the IFESTOS PLAN” click here which had been compiled after a lot of research by a reader and detailed the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus during the 1960s and 1970s by Greek and Greek Cypriots who remain unpunished for these terrible atrocities which the world wishes to forget.

This article looks at the lack of action or leadership by the UK Government in early 1964 who were a guarantor power and signatory to the formation agreement of the foundation of the Cyprus Republic on February 19, 1959.

The Cyprus President was Archbishop Makarios who had no love of the Turkish Cypriots and oversaw the development and implementation of the ethnic cleansing plans starting with the AKRITAS PLAN which was followed by the lesser known IFESTOS PLAN.

During those horrendous days in 1974 we saw President Makarios stand before the UN Assembly on 19th July and state Cyprus had been invaded by Greece (a guarantor power of the Cyprus foundation) and asked for help..

Turkey as the third guarantor power of the Cyprus foundation agreement after failing to get support from the UK government, mounted the start of their Peace intervention campaign on 20th July 1974 to prevent further bloodshed and ethnic cleansing for which the world believes is the start of the Cyprob issue due to an alleged INVASION.

This is far from the truth as it was the responsibility of the UK Government in early 1964 to take firm action to not recognise the newly created Republic of Cyprus whose new constitution forced all Turkish Cypriots from the government and their citizens forced to flee into enclaves for their own survival.

So the CYPROB issue was created with Greek Cypriots claiming ownership of the whole island of Cyprus whilst the Turkish Cypriots who were thrown out and even with their formation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on November 15, 1983 which is still unrecognised, they remain to this day in North Cyprus in the safety zone that was created as a result of the Turkish intervention operation in July 1974 to prevent any further bloodshed and ethnic cleansing.

To this very day, the United Nations insists that the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots must come together under the Republic of Cyprus government but of course, history has shown that the so called RoC will not come to an agreement so it can preserve the status quo with all the advantages it receives and keeping the Turkish Cypriots embargoed.

CYPROB is like a big fat bloated balloon full of UK and UN misjudgments and agreements and worse still interference by the EU, all of which has worldwide acceptance. With the call for a 2 state solution by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkey, which key international player is going to lead the way in Recognition of the TRNC and collapse of the Cyprob balloon?

Perhaps we will see a number of worldwide NGOs who support the Turkish Cypriots cause make a claim for justice together and supported by public funding against the UK government through the European Court of Human Rights so that the Turkish Cypriots can finally be released from the Greek Cypriot quest for total domination.  

Of the Greek Cypriots, as far as they are concerned the island was peaceful and as the majority, they feel aggrieved at the equality granted to the Turkish Cypriots with the foundation of the Cyprus Republic on February 19, 1959. The Greek Cypriots then amended the Cyprus constitution in 1964 to disadvantage the Turkish Cypriots and this led to the creation of the CYPROB issue..

With the UN trying to encourage the reunification of the two sides it’s worth noting that the Greek Cypriots rejected 15 peace plans and it’s worth reading what Nicos Rolandis, the ex-Foreign Minister of Cyprus had to say about the failure to agree on a peace settlement click here.

For those readers who would like more information about how the CYPROB issue developed, the following video tries to do that.

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