March 25, 2023

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July 1974.

The final adjustments to the plan had been made.  Maps and instructions had been distributed to all military units.  The targets had been selected.  The Plan had been 15 years in development and had learned from the failure of the schemes implemented in 1963, 1964, and 1967.  It would not fail this time.

The new Plan had been approved by the government and, by implication, the Church and, consequently, God himself.  This Plan involved not just the army but also the police and every Greek Cypriot man who would be armed from the mountain of weapons and munitions clandestinely imported from Greece.  Overwhelming numbers and overwhelming firepower would ensure a total and rapid success.

The target of this plan, the IFESTOS PLAN, was the Turkish Cypriot community which had, conveniently, been herded into enclaves as a result of the ethnic cleansing campaign commenced in 1963.  These small and isolated enclaves could not protect themselves having little manpower and virtually no weapons.

The objective of the Plan was the total extermination of the entire Turkish Cypriot population of Cyprus.

It is shocking to read that sentence.  Total extermination.

The orders given out by the Greek military high command, on 12 June 1974, copies of which were captured by Turkish forces, contain the following instructions given to one of the many military units involved:


“    to prepare the Greek Cypriot population psychologically during peacetime and to organise it as from now for its participation in the struggle for the extermination of the Turkish Cypriots of Nicosia and of the Turkish Cypriot strongholds”


“   (c )  Launch an attack in the beginning by a silent and un-lighted action at night time as quickly as possible for the extermination of the Turkish pockets of Lefka and of the strong points at Gaziveran-Elya-Angole-MiAy Erini at three stages as follows

…    (2) organising from now the participation of the Greek Cypriot population and police in the siege and the struggle for the extermination of Turkish Cypriot pockets and strong points by all means available (arms et cetera)…..

Similar orders were given to all the other operational units for the destruction of the other centres of Turkish population.

By involving all the Cypriot and Greek military forces on the island, the police, and the entire male Greek Cypriot population it was expected that the whole of the Turkish Cypriot population, men women, and children, could be wiped out in less than 24 hours. There would be no one able to intervene in time to rescue the Turks because they would all be dead already.

Nikos Sampson, briefly the self appointed President of Cyprus after Makarios was deposed, declared in a newspaper interview that “had Turkey not intervened I would not only have proclaimed Enosis – I would have annihilated the Turks in Cyprus.”

It is extraordinary to think that the religious and political leaders of the Greek Cypriot population believed that it would readily join in the extermination of their fellow countrymen, the Turkish Cypriots.

That the IFESTOS plan did not succeed may have been down to the fact that the plotters failed to kill Archbishop Makarios who succeeded in fleeing from Cyprus to the safety of the UK. In the events that followed the July 14 coup, there were several days of confusion whilst the supporters of Makarios fought with the revolutionaries.  It was only when these supporters had been killed off did the plotters turn their attention to killing the Turkish Cypriots.  Even this short delay was enough to hinder the success of the planned 24 hour massacre.  There is no doubt that had Turkey not intervened there would have been widespread bloodshed in all the major towns.

The murders and rapes perpetrated against the Turkish minority in 1963, 1964, 1967, and 1974 and, intermittently between those dates were carried out by the state of Cyprus, not lone nutcases. All are well known and well documented.  The ethnic cleansing of the Turkish population after 1964 was carried out by the state of Cyprus.

Is it any surprise that the Turkish Cypriots do not wish to live in a state whose government wishes to exterminate every single one of them?

Why is it that the international organisations such as the UN (present in Cyprus since 1964) the EU and countries such as the USA and UK (present in Cyprus since 1878), who have the facts,  think it wrong that the Turkish Cypriots should object to being murdered by their neighbour?

The British role since 1974 is one of total hypocrisy and shame. It condemns genocide but unfailingly supports the genocidal government of Cyprus.  It condemns ethnic cleansing but supports a government that carried that out for 10 years up to 1974.  It upholds the obligation of constitutional government but supports a regime that ignores its own constitution and its international treaties. It upholds the right of a people for self determination but not if they are Turkish Cypriot.  It enforces boycotts and sanctions on a people who have done nothing but escape being murdered.

It is a strange world where the Archbishop of the Christian Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus approves the murder of one third of the population of his country and the rest of the world doesn’t even mutter disapproval.

That is why the TRNC needs a Motherland, Turkey.  It has no other family.

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  1. Why are the Turkish Cypriots ignored. What is the hidden agenda stopping them from being heard

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