April 1, 2023

Another example of an association doing something different by going back to its roots.

In its early existence the Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus used to provide informative, educational and fun learning experiences such as cookery lessons to the public in Northern Cyprus. Today the ATA re-launches the first of many updated old activities from its past
with the announcement of a 4-week Cookery Course – Learn how to cook a typical Turkish Cypriot village meal. Just as in the past this course is open to both association members and non-members to attend.

The aim of the 4-week course is to teach participants to be able to learn by having a genuine roll-up the sleeves very hands-on experience of how to prepare and cook a Turkish Cypriot Village Meal. Over four weeks participants on the course will learn to cook in its entirety a typical Turkish Cypriot Village Meal. A meal that uses everyday ingredients already in your store cupboard or available at any local supermarket, a meal that you will be able to cook in your own home – not a meal you would never contemplate cooking!

The course will be restricted in its number of participants so that participants get a genuine opportunity to experience and learn first-hand at a comfortable pace amongst like-minded others from an experienced professional team of tutors.

  • The Course will teach participants how to prepare and make: – Turkish Cypriot Village Starters (not mezes).
  • Turkish Cypriot Village Side Dishes (to complement main courses).
  • Turkish Cypriot Village Main Courses (fish, vegetarian and meat).
  • Turkish Cypriot Village Desserts.

For more information on the ATA 4-week Cookery Course visit the 2021 Events Page of their
website; www.angloturkishassociation.com

Information on the Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus can be found on their Website
Facebook Group; Facebook Page

Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus
The friendly listening association with a heart, supporting good causes in Northern Cyprus for the benefit of everyone

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