March 31, 2023

The Young Turkish Cypriots group have shared their thoughts and also photographs they made of the 2021 Peace and Freedom Day parade in Lefkosa.

“Here are some pictures we took at today’s parade

Happy freedom and liberation day to all our Turkish Cypriot brothers and sisters it’s 47 years since the Cyprus Peace Operation that saved our people from mass genocide.

On this day 20th July, 47 years ago, Turkey brought peace to Cyprus and legally intervened with the Cyprus Peace Operation. Turkey acted as a guarantor power following Greece’s invasion and takeover of the Makarios government.

* Turkey’s intervention stopped the mass genocide of the Turkish Cypriot people.

* It put an end to 19 years of conflict on the island. There has been peace ever since.

* It stopped thousands of Greek Cypriots from being killed by EOKA-B & the Cyprus National Guard – over 3000 had been killed by EOKA-B between 1971 to 1974.

* It put an end to the 11 year illegal isolation of the Turkish Cypriot people who had been forced into ghettos to live like second class citizens since 1963. For 11 years Turkish Cypriots were void of their human rights and the rights given to them under the 1960 Cyprus constitution – Turkey finally liberated the Turkish Cypriot people.

We thank Turkey for saving us on this day 47 years ago and allowing us to finally live freely again in our homeland. Without the Turkish intervention, we would have fallen victim to the Iphestos Plan and been completely wiped off the island, victims of ethnic cleansing.

We also want to send our condolences to the innocents that lost their lives and homes – on both sides. Although Turkey’s intervention was legal and necessary, both Greek and Turkish Cypriots were displaced because of it. Over 150,000 GC’s and over 50,000 TC’s. We, therefore, send our condolences to those families as well.”

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