March 21, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz…..

9 years ago, a baby girl was born to Ashok Bishnoi, a farmer and Mima Devi, a housewife, in a remote village in India. They gave the name “Pooja Bishnoi”, to the newborn. The people of Guda Bishnoiyan village, where she was born,  near Jodhpur in the Rajasthan province, had never thought that in a short span of 9 years, the name of their village will become popular, not just in India only, but out of India too.

The baby girl started being noticed, at a very young age of three, as she was outrunning other children. She was running faster even than boys of her age. Sarwan Badiya, her young maternal uncle noticed that and thought of carving out an athlete of his young niece.

Sarwan Badiya, himself an athlete of good quality, living in the same area, had to leave competitive athletics due to hamstring and other serious injuries. In Pooja, he dreamed of fulfilling his desire of being an athlete of international fame. That was the point when Sarwan Badiya, took his niece as his student and started coaching her in the way an exceptionally talented athlete should be trained.

Under the guidance and training of her maternal uncle, Pooja instantly started impressing everyone by outrunning others in all races that she participated in. Her uncle kept on training her and kept her subjected to a hard training schedule. Indeed hard work is the only key to achieve success in any field.

Her hard training schedule made her, and still does, wake up at 3am in the morning. That was the time when her training started. The strenuous schedule of training continues until 7am. After this she goes to her school, just like other children of her age. Her next training period starts from 4pm, after her arrival from school at 2pm. The second part of her daily training ends at 8pm.

The strenuous training schedule, polished the talented runner as she made her name in competitions, in other areas than her village. At the age of 6 years she successfully covered the distance of 10km in 48 minutes, in a marathon that was held in Jodhpur.

Her exercises and strenuous training tuned her body, and now she is known as the 6 Pack Abs girl in Asia. This is a distinction that has made her really famous all over.

Two years ago, she was noticed by Virat Kohli Foundation of India. They not only appreciated her but also decided to sponsor her and meet her expenses. Prior to that it was indeed really hard for her parents and uncle to finance her special diet and other expenses.

Right now, Pooja and her coach have set up a goal for themselves. They are now looking forward to the 2024 Olympics. Their aim is to win a gold medal for India in the Olympics. Pooja and her coaches are now working hard with this goal in their mind. Her sponsors are doing whatever they can to achieve this goal.

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