March 28, 2023

By Margaret Sheard ….

Cleaning the oven has never been a household chore I have relished doing and especially with a low level oven on which the door opens downwards.

Some time ago I noticed a comment on Facebook of a company which would come and clean your oven, but unfortunately I couldn’t remember the name.   My oven was badly in need of a clean but the thought of bending down to clean it was out of the question.

Lo and behold suddenly a post arrived on Facebook of someone who had used Urban Butler Service and had their oven cleaned.  Thank goodness, now I knew the name.   I made contact and an appointment was made.  Lisa and Aras came as arranged and made a marvellous job of my very dirty oven, so now it is sparkling and I am very loathe to use it again ….  if only.

Urban Butler Service carry out many other services, as per the leaflet shown, which may be of interest to other readers.   Lisa (English) 0533 886 0827 : Aras (Turkish) 0533 827 4727 : Karin 0548 823 8631 – Care of the Elderly.

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