March 28, 2023

Readers mail….
Sue Tilt…. Tulips/ Help Those With Cancer Association.


Thank you Kevin and Yasemin for putting this amazing quiz together and running it on 21st May 2021, what fun!

Our thanks go to Joya Bar for their donation from all the food and providing 4 bottles of wine as prizes plus their brilliant hospitality, to Besim Omar for the lovely lamp which was auctioned and Sue Taylor for the beautiful picture, also auctioned. Thank you to Ren W Brannigan for all your help.

Last but not least thank you to everyone who participated without which there would be no quiz!

Our final figure for the evening was an amazing 1,745TL!!

We look forward to seeing you all next week on Sunday, 30th May 2021 at the Arts and Crafts Fayre at the Joya Bar.

Thank you

Sue Tilt
0542 854 8714
Tulips/ Help Those With Cancer Association
(Kanser Hastalarina Yardim Dernegi)

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