March 28, 2023

Story acceptance continues for the 4th Story Contest of Girne Municipality, organised with the theme “in and outside of life” which is in respect of the lives of disabled individuals. 

In the statement made by Girne Municipality, those who want to participate in the story contest, which will be held in three categories of 9-10-11 age group, 12-13-14 age group, and 15-16-17 age group, should submit their stories up to Tuesday, 1st June 2021 at the latest. It was stated that they should be sent to İşler Branch or to

As a result of the evaluations to be carried out in June, prizes of 1000TL for the first place, 500TL for the second place and 300TL for the third place will be awarded. The Evaluation Board includes Ceyhan Özyıldız (Author, Photographer), Yıltan Taşçı (Literature, Photographer), Şenay Saçbüker (Actor, Instructor, Children’s Book Writer), Ahmet Bilgili (Columnist) and Misli Kadıoğlu (Girne Municipality Social Affairs Supervisor). .


The participation conditions of the story contest are as follows;

The following conditions are required for the works that will participate in the competition.

The stories to be sent to the competition will be written on A4 unlined file paper by computer or by hand. Stories must not have participated in any competition, have received a prize in any competition, and have not been published in any media. Stories that are not original (sent as photocopy) are not taken into consideration. Any part of the story, taken from somewhere and pasted or drawn pictures cannot be included.

Stories to be sent to the competition cannot exceed 5 (five) pages. The number of words in the stories to be sent to the contest cannot be less than 400 (four hundred) and not more than 1200 (one thousand two hundred). Personal information about the student or school should not be written at the front of the stories to be sent to the competition. Also, the back page of the stories cannot be used. The last page of the story should include the student’s name, surname, address, school, phone number, photo and a short biography. The award ceremony of the competition will be held in June with a ceremony attended by the jury members. The works that do not meet the conditions specified in the first paragraph will not be evaluated. Stories will be sent to Girne Municipality in a sealed envelope or via e-mail to until the end of the working day on Tuesday, 1st June 2021.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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