February 6, 2023

During the official controls carried out by the Girne Municipality, between 05 May and 19 May 2021, a total of 202 enterprises were inspected for food hygiene, general hygiene and Covid-19 Pandemic Measures, and 6 business activities were stopped and sealed in terms of general food safety.

It was reported that Girne Municipality Health Branch and Municipal Police Department of Urban Security have sealed 4 workplaces, stopping the activities of an unauthorised water vending machine and a mobile food sale, on the grounds that they do not work in accordance with the health conditions in the routine hygiene controls in the food and beverage places open to public use. It was stated that while 3 workplaces with technical deficiencies in working conditions and deficiencies regarding legal legislation were given temporary closure notices, it was stated that 2 workplaces that did not work in accordance with Covid-19 measures and a workplace with inadequate food hygiene conditions were fined.

In the information received from Girne Municipality, it was stated that a total of 202 workplaces were inspected in the audits carried out by the Girne Municipality Health Branch and Police City Security Unit teams between 05 May and 20 May 2021.

Girne Municipality continues to monitor the businesses providing commercial services with the official controls regarding the general Covid-19 measures issued within the framework of the decisions of the Council of Ministers and to share the results of these controls with the public, as the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to affect the whole world.

It was stated that emphasis was placed on night inspections, 29 workplaces were notified for their deficiencies within the scope of general workplace controls, 1 workplace was fined due to inadequate food hygiene measures, and 2 workplaces were fined for not fulfilling Covid-19 measures. During the food inspections carried out for the protection of human health, Girne Municipality  sealed 4 workplaces by stopping the activities of a water vending machine operating without permission and a mobile food sale on the grounds that they did not work in accordance with health conditions.

During the control carried out by the Police in a butcher’s shop, 449.8 kg of meat, which was found to be illegal, was seized for disposal. In addition, various products that were not suitable for sale in a market were seized.

In addition, the officials stated that the sales in the Girne Municipality Open Market, which is held every Wednesday, are also under the scope of the Covid-19 Pandemic measures, and that the Health and Police teams are involved in the control of both the sales conditions of the sellers and the Covid measures during the shopping of the citizens.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said:

“Nowadays, when the openings are increasing and social mobility is increasing with the effect of warming weather, let’s not let go of our precautions to protect  us from the pandemic, which still has an effect on the whole world. It is imperative that we take care to carry out the mobility and socialisation we need for the vitality of our economy and the sustainability of life within the framework of Covid-19 Pandemic measures. As the municipality, we continuously carry out the legal audits of the enterprises for taking Pandemic measures. However, our people should also be careful and protect with masks, personal social distance and hand hygiene. It is possible to manage these difficult processes. For this, we need good cooperation as our people, tradesmen and local administrators. “

Source (Turkish) : Girne Municipality

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