March 27, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

The 5+UN informal meeting has ended in Geneva with no decision being made apart from agreement to have a further meeting in the future. It’s interesting reading all the negative and dismissive comments being made in social media when the big achievement made is not recognised.

For the past 50 plus years the various propaganda machines of the so called Republic of Cyprus has been pumping out lies and misinformation for the world’s consumption.

The big achievement made by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with the support of Turkey is to open the door to the TRUTH cupboard and bring out the facts that can no longer be hidden or ignored.

Remember that the UK was responsible for Cyprus affairs as both former Cyprus Crown Colony administrator from 1925 to 1960 and then as a Guarantor Power to the Zurich Cyprus Independence agreement for the creation of the independent Republic of Cyprus which received world recognition.

This failed when Turkish Cypriot participation in the central government ceased on December 23, 1963, when all Cypriot Turks from the lowest civil servants to ministers, including the Turkish Vice-President Dr. Fazıl Küçük were forced out of the government and the Greek Cypriot dream of Enosis with Greece went ahead with the Akritas plan.

The Akritas plan when implemented had forced the Turkish Cypriots out of a shared government and was now extended by EOKA aided by Greece military forces which through sectarian killings and intimidation tried to rid the island of Turkish Cypriots.

The day before Turkey, as a guarantor power, mounted a military intervention to stop the ethnic cleansing and restore peace in Cyprus in July 1974, Greek Cypriot President, Makarios III stood before the UN Assembly and said my country has been invaded by Greece (the third guarantor power).

President Makarios III was then overthrown by the 1974 Cypriot coup d’état carried out by Greece, which was under Greek military junta rule.

UN peacekeepers had been deployed on the island in 1964, effectively recognising the Greek Cypriots as the government but clearly had not achieved their objective of maintaining peace and helping create a settlement of the Cyprus problem.

In the years ahead many UN inspired peace plans had been proposed only for the Greek Cypriots to reject them and the most notable was the Annan plan which was accepted by Turkish Cypriots only for the Greek Cypriots to slam the door on that peace plan with a NO vote.

Since then we have seen continued efforts by the UN to get the communities to agree to a federation agreement only for this to be rejected time and time again by the Greek Cypriots who do not want to share power and give equal rights and respect to the Turkish Cypriots.

Enter the EU who granted Greek Cypriots, who live in half of the island, EU membership which gave it veto rights on any issue being considered that affects Northern Cyprus.

So as the participants leave Geneva the TRUTH of the Cyprob issue is firmly in front of the world and they can no longer ignore the facts or believe in future RoC attempts to bend the TRUTH

The future holds the prospect of a further 5+UN meeting which could see more efforts to railroad progress and achieve a settlement which now the Turkish Cypriots are wanting a two-state solution and have been working hard for the past 50 plus years to develop themselves and are now ready to be independent.

Who will be the first to recognise them? Will it be the UK who will snub the dictatorial EU and continue building new trading partners including the TRNC. Perhaps we may see a few other small countries who are also brave and are willing to stand up for justice and equality by no longer supporting the past and recognising the TRNC

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