March 26, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

We have received a note of protest from the well respected academic Prof Dr Ata Atun about the endorsement of US President Joe Biden of the claims made of the Armenian Massacre in 1915 and this is what he had to say:

“Unfounded Mass Graves of  the Fraud Armenian Genocide

For many years, my wife and I have searched for possible places of mass graves that will be the basis of the so-called Armenian genocide claims, and we have not been able to find them. As a result of our in-depth research, we found that there are no mass graves and we published the article in 2018,

We don’t understand what a lie this is.

There’s a claim, but there’s no evidence, no hearing or seeing.…

 Links to research work and publication:

 With kindest regards

 Prof. Dr. (İn. Müh), Doç. Dr. (UA İlş) Ata ATUN”

 Editor’s note:

It’s interesting to see that the TRNC Foreign Ministry has also issued a statement strongly condemning the unfounded allegations in US President Joe Biden’s statement regarding the events of 1915. How come he is the first President of the US to support these claims?

It also seems that Turkey’s call to establish a Joint History Commission with the US to investigate the truth is falling on deaf ears. WHY?

Interestingly one of the great CyprusScene writers Ismail Veli wrote a fascinating indepth and unbiased article in 2015 “What is the reality behind the Armenian tragedy of 1915?” that has been supported by a great deal of research with facts being attributed to various sources

For those who would like to try and understand the TRUTH of the allegations being made this article is a must-read on the link below.

At the end of his article Ismail Veli says:

”ALL SIDES SHOULD BE WILLING TO OPEN THEIR ARCHIVES TO INTERNATIONAL SCRUTINY.” History-based purely on modern propaganda as opposed to archive information simply leads to exaggeration and misinformation.”

There we have it and as we all see too often politicians and country leaders perhaps for gain, make claims that once distributed by the world media have been read by any number of people who may well accept claims made as factual without knowing how to verify them.

For the media “Bad News Sells” and it’s on with the next grim showstopper that comes to hand!

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