March 25, 2023

The ground breaking ceremony of the park, which will be built by the Cengo Foundation for the Green Area of ​​the Girne Municipality, was held on Thursday 22nd April 2021.

The foundation of the park and activity area, which will come to life in the Püsküllü region, was laid in cooperation with the Süleyman Cengiz Eminoğlu Foundation, and has been established to increase the sports, cultural and social skills of children and young people under the age of 25, to increase their development, and to enjoy projects that will increase their knowledge skills and happiness.

The name of Süleyman Cengiz Eminoğlu, who died on 8th October 2019 at the age of 9½ due to neuroblastoma from childhood cancer, will be kept alive in the park and activity area being built in the Girne Püsküllü region.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü, who attended the ground breaking ceremony, expressed that they are honoured to cooperate with the Foundation named after Süleyman Cengiz Eminoğlu, who died at a young age, and to contribute to such a project that will keep the name of Süleyman Cengiz Eminoğlu alive.

Reminding that Süleyman Cengiz Eminoğlu passed away at an age when he should have been playing in the park, Güngördü expressed that they agreed with the family that the project bearing his name should be a park area. Güngördü stated that the area in question will be an important breathing and activity place for both the residents of the region and Girne residents.

Reminding that olive trees, which are symbols of health, love, peace and longevity, and are considered sacred in all religions, Güngördü noted that a 150-200-year-old olive tree was also planted in the park.

Süleyman Cengiz Eminoğlu Cengo – Park and Activity area, which will be built in the Püsküllü area of ​​750 square meters will include a crazy slide, half basketball court, game units, trampolines, resting area, toilets, buffet and warehouse. Güngördü thanked everyone who has contributed to the building of the park.

Speaking at the ceremony, Süleyman Cengiz Eminoğlu’s mother and President of the Süleyman Cengiz Eminoğlu Foundation, Özge Özbekoğlu, stated that they were happy to lay the foundation of the project prior to 23rd April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, and stated that the project they aimed to complete in September will come to life in cooperation with Girne Municipality.

Özbekoğlu thanked the volunteers and donors who contributed to the Foundation Works, and the Municipality of Girne for their contribution to the achievement of the park.

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality

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