January 31, 2023

Girne Municipality Counselling and Support Center organised a seminar on “Stress Management and Coping with Stress” via the online Zoom platform. It was held at 19:30 on Wednesday 21st April 2021. The seminar, in which psychologist Pembe Ardıç participated as a speaker, attracted great interest.

Pembe Ardıç shared awareness-raising information with the participants in order to control stress and minimise the effects of destructive emotions that may be experienced during stress, emphasising that stress is a part of living, and reminded that it causes us to act and motivate, as well as reduce our quality of life.

During the one and a half hour seminar, Ardıç shared information about life with stress and techniques to cope with stress, and stated that stress cannot be eliminated, but stress can be coped with, and pointed out the importance of staying in the moment for a better quality of life.

Girne Municipality Social Affairs Branch Manager Misli Kadıoğlu stated that the training and seminars organised face to face under the roof of Girne Municipality Consultancy and Support Center are now carried out online in accordance with the new normal. Stating that the stress we often experience in our family, business and social life has been felt much more with the Covid-19 pandemic, especially since last year, Kadıoğlu thanked the psychologist Pembe Ardıç and the participants for such an awareness-raising activity to control stress. 

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality

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