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Girne Municipality continues its work with street animals

Within the scope of activities of Girne Municipality Animal Shelter and Rehabilitation Center for Stray Animals, appropriation studies and activities continue.

Girne Municipality Animal Shelter and Rehabilitation Center has been working for needy stray animals in Girne since November 2017. The center, which has provided the rehabilitation of hundreds of animals since the first day it was opened, has also arranged the adoption of more than 150 stray animals so far.

Girne Municipality Animal Friends Platform is meeting the needs of stray animals living in inhumane conditions and more importantly works for rehoming and organising social activities to support social awareness. It also cooperates with activists and non-governmental organisations working in these fields.

Girne Municipality Animal Shelter and Rehabilitation Center continues its efforts to arrange adoption of stray dogs.

A 3-legged sweet dog which had to have a leg amputated due to a health problem and has been rehabilitated for a long time in a shelter was recently rehomed. Loving family photos were shared in the new home of the dear friend, now named “Lucky”, by his new owner.

Our citizens who want to adopt a dog can reach the Girne Municipality Animal Shelter and Rehabilitation Center on 0533 839 38 38 to receive information.

Speaking on the subject, Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said : “Stray animals are an important part of Girne. We all have a responsibility towards them. They have a lonely life on the street. Let’s not throw the dogs we own on the street, let’s not abandon them. If we want to have a dog in our house, let’s not buy it, let’s adopt it. He also thanked the family who took care of the 3-legged dog in the shelter. We will continue to do our part as the Municipality. Please also protect our animals with sensitivity, ”

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality


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