March 28, 2023

With the decision of Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoğlu the meeting room, which hosts various meetings in the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and is the largest room of the ministry, was named after Hakan Ataöv, the former manager of the Tourism Planning Department, who died in 2019.

Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoğlu, Tourism Planning Department staff and ministry staff attended the event held for this purpose.

The statement sent by the family of the late Hakan Ataöv to the Ministry was read by his colleagues before the opening.

A message sent by Hakan Ataöv’s family said, “Our family’s pride and precious asset, Hakan Ataöv’s pain is as deep as the first day. Since it is an unbearable pain for us to walk in the corridors where he was doing his job and every day passes, we will not be able to attend the opening as a result of our doctor’s opinions about not attending, we would like you to excuse us and to represent our family, our esteemed Minister Fikri Ataoğlu, with our respect.

We express our satisfaction that the name of Hakan Ataöv, our source of pride, is given to the meeting room of the Ministry, where he pursued his profession with all determination and sacrifice for years, and we thank everyone who made a decision on the subject ”.

Ataoğlu: “Ataöv’s Contributions cannot be Forgotten”

Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoğlu said in his speech: “We worked together with our friend, our brother Hakan Ataöv, day and night for a long time. His contributions can never be forgotten. When I came back to this office, we wanted to make a decision to keep his name alive. We immortalised the name of the great hall of the Ministry of Tourism so that the name of Hakan Ataöv is not forgotten and kept alive. I wish patience to his family of mercy from God. Rest in peace.”

In the meeting room to which the name of the late Hakan Ataöv was given, a plaque with his name and resumé was also displayed.

Source (Turkish) Ministry of Tourism and Environment

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