March 25, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

We all know how badly the Covid-19 pandemic has affected our lives in general, more so economically. The list of people who went bankrupt during 2020 and also in 2021 so far, is too long and too difficult to fathom.  But still, there are some for whom this period of Covid-19 pandemic has added much more to their wealth.

I was just going through the Deutsche Welle News, where I found this news mentioning that the latest list of billionaires as published by Forbes recently, includes 493 new billionaires. It means that these 493 millionaires gained much during the year 2020 and became billionaires.

Congratulations to them all, as they managed to do what others could not.

One may ask if there is any secret behind their success. In my opinion there is no secret at all. They became billionaires just because they had sufficient funds to invest in different profitable projects. That is the way to success. But once again some may ask, how could they invest in new projects when the world was finding it difficult to even maintain their present standard of living and earning. Again the answer is very simple. Most of them realised that the demand for some particular items had increased many-fold due to the pandemic. They invested to meet this new or enhanced demand and earned handsomely.

This is what Deutsche Welle also reported.  “At least 40 of them (billionaires) made it because of Covid-19 related products”. For example Sergio Stevanto of Italy, earned a lot by supplying 100 million glass vials of Covid-19 vaccines. There are many like him world over, who found the year 2020 as an earning boom for them.

So that’s the way to become rich.

Just look around, there are some sectors in our economy who earned more as compared to others last year. For example, the producers of masks did a fantastic business. The manufacturers of hand sanitizers also worked hard to meet the increased demand. I just mentioned two fields where the investors got a fantastic return. There are many more of the like.

Returning back to Forbes, the interesting aspect of the list of billionaires is that 205 of them are from China. As we all know, Chinese capitalists are on the rise. They are finding ways to mint money, and they are quite successful in that. However, the interesting point is that one of these is Kate Wang, who at the age of 37 is the youngest self-made female billionaire.

One of the billionaires, living in Germany is Devin David Lehman. He is the youngest billionaire at the age of 18. He became a billionaire by inheriting from his father.

With all this going on in the world of billionaires and millionaires, I still feel that there are millions of people who still do not have sufficient food and/or water to survive. There are millions of people who do not have a place to live. There are billions of people who live below the poverty line. There are billions of jobless people who do not have either a proper job or no job at all.

That’s not all, there are billions of people the world over, who have faced serious economical problems during 2020, Yes, their economic situation went from bad to worse, whereas at the same time some people in the same world earned billions, just because others were suffering.

The world indeed is a very interesting place, where understanding people is almost impossible.

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