March 27, 2023

Following complaints made to the Environmental Protection Department affiliated to the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, the waste dumped on empty land within the borders of Gönyeli Municipality were examined on-site by the Department staff and the necessary actions were taken and the waste was removed.

As a result of the attempts made in this context, 10 truck loads were taken from the waste area and taken to the Güngör Regular Storage Facility for disposal. 

In Clause (2) of Article 7 of the Environmental Law No. 18/2012, “It is forbidden to deposit, discharge or throw waste into or above the environments and areas outside of the permitted recycling or disposal areas.”  It is a crime to act contrary to the aforementioned Law Article and criminal action is applied to the real or legal persons who committed the crime if the person who committed the crime is detected.

Source (Turkish): Ministry of Tourism and Environment

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