April 1, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

As always Japan once again is covered all over by the pink and white cherry blossoms. Everywhere, in Japan in particular, these flowers bloom and fade away in a few days. This year right now Japan is passing through the same period, but with a difference.

This year the cherry blossoms bloomed earlier. The researchers have been monitoring the dates of the start of the season for a very long period. Over the years the spring has started in Japan a bit earlier than the previous one. The Japanese were used to seeing the cherry blossoms everywhere at the start of April, but now they find them in the last week of March.

The researchers relate this change to the ongoing heating of the atmosphere. In fact this reason and argument is not new. For years and decades, scientists have been warning the world about the consequences of the constant increase in temperature of the atmosphere.

In fact it’s not only just the cherry blossoms which give evidence of the change of climate, everything in the world is getting changed very slowly, due to the change of the atmosphere. The increase in world temperature has its direct impact on everything including animals and human beings. But unfortunately, since the impact is very slow, we usually do not take these changes very seriously.

According to the Annual Climate Report of NOAA, the combined temperature of land and ocean has increased at the average rate of 0.13 degrees Fahrenheit per decade, since 1880. But the report mentions that the average rate of increase since 1981 has been more than twice that rate.

So if it continues going on like that, what awaits us in the future. In a short period of time, we could see shorter winters and longer summers, which of course would bring a slight change in everything. The glaciers would continue melting at a higher pace, that would on one side reduce coolness in the world, but would also lead to increased water levels both in rivers and oceans. Some animal species would become extinct, just because they would not be able to bear the heat. The timing and velocity of rains would be changed everywhere in the world. The list is too long to write.


In short, we all know that the heat that we all produce is the main reason behind heating the temperature of the atmosphere. So what are we doing to check this? Unfortunately we are doing nothing concrete towards this goal. Many countries have taken some steps in the right direction, yet most countries do not take the situation seriously. They are still continuing with their old practices, and do not accept any change in them.

Scientists are working and coming out with the steps that we all should take, if we want our future generation to live in a healthier and liveable climate.  We should all for once try to search and know our individual duties and that of our governments to save the world from incoming disaster, due to heated atmosphere of the earth.

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