March 28, 2023

The news published in press media about out-of-date drug wastes in the Metehan region was considered as a notification by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Environmental Protection Department, and an on-site investigation was carried out by the investigation officers of the Department.

As a result of the examination made by the staff of the Environmental Protection Department, it was determined that expired medicines had been deposited together with domestic waste.

Expired drugs are within the status of hazardous waste. Therefore, hazardous wastes must be disposed of in appropriate waste disposal facilities. Medicines mixed with household waste are chemical substances. While it harms both the people who collect the garbage and the people living in the environment, its mixing with water and soil also poses a great danger to the environment.

Within the framework of the “Polluter Pays Principle”, the disposal of the wastes that are classified as hazardous by the pollutant is a legal obligation under Environmental Law No 18/2012, and the hazardous wastes that pose a serious risk to the environment and human health mentioned above have been collected by the Environmental Protection Department of the Ministry of Environment and sent to the hazardous waste storage facility.

In addition to the fact that all wastes are prohibited to be disposed of in the environment and there is a criminal punishment under the provisions of the Environmental Law No. 18/2012, in respect of hazardous waste, toxic, harmful, corrosive, irritant, carcinogenic, reproductive toxicity, genetic wastes that may lead to mutation and have one or more hazardous properties such as being eco-toxic. Reminding once again that it is forbidden for wastes to be disposed of in the environment, we emphasise the need for the public to be more sensitive.

Source (Turkish) Ministry of Tourism and Environment

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