April 1, 2023

We are publishing the following mail from John Aziz Kent who spelled out the Truth in his comment on the Reuters article on Yahoo mail “EU leaders make good on trade promises with Turkey, but threaten sanctions

Reader’s Mail …
John Aziz Kent …

Dear Chris Elliott

You can copy my article into CyprusScene if you like so that many more people can learn about the TRUTH of what went on in Cyprus through the last 70 years

The innocent Turkish People living the Apartheid rules set up by the aggressors with their fabricated lies and most of the world condoning it and punishing the aggrieved, because they know how to use their brilliantly set blaming game via the so-called diplomacy with the ever-ready world accepting and couldn’t care less what they have done.

Comments on article: EU leaders make good on trade promises with Turkey, but threaten sanctions.

“Turkey is always very trustworthy and reliable in trading, politics, and what is more important,  keeping the security and being a guarding partner for everybody’s good from her geographically situated country.

Provided she is treated fairly by the rest of the world, which includes the UN, EU, USA, UK, and others, Turkey will always give more than she takes with respect and without interfering in every country’s internal problems or governing, rather than what most other countries are doing to keep on interfering with her internal issues.

Turkey has the experience to take care of her internal problems if she doesn’t have every country ordering her what to do  all the time even when she is right, as it has been proven, especially regarding the Cyprus Problem.

The EU took half of Cyprus as a member and not only ignored the Turkish North side, but also never kept the promises it gave to them even though they are the INNOCENT PARTY.

The self-created ENOSIS problem by the GREEK SIDE started way back in 1952.  I invite the EU and any other country interested or having anything to do with the Cyprus  problem to please study the real facts.

From those days which can enlighten everybody about all the TRUTH up to now, (their blame game has worked) with brilliant experienced Greek propaganda, they convinced the World and their LIES became accepted as the TRUTH!

With respect to everybody, I am an 86 year old Turkish Cypriot and had to live The APARTHEID RULES of South Africa for most of my life and am still living them with my family here in the NORTH of CYPRUS that is why we demand the equal and guarantee rights that all other CYPRIOTS have.

Please, we have had enough Belittling and Suffering for too many years.

All we want is our Freedom from being governed by people that do not want to treat us in the way they want to be treated themselves, we have the ability now to govern ourselves which we earned through struggling for years for our Freedom

Please UN EU USA and the rest of the world, Grant us our Rights.”

3 thoughts on “John Aziz Kent points out the Truth of Cyprus and the road to peace

  1. I fully support every word written in the above article, not just with my Hart but with my personal memory and understanding.
    The Greek Orthodox Church has brainwashed the Rum, to believe that they are Greeks, and that they are a superior Race which has made themselves above all other Human, and promised Tham aMotherland.
    We would have to be very simple minded if we dare to think that they would ever accept us as Equal.
    The Two State Solution, that we and Turkey accept as the only viable option has my complete and unequivocal support and the rest of the World with any acceptable values.
    Olcay Akdeniz.

  2. 👏👏👏 John Aziz 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
    USA UN and EU Defenders of Democracy , Human Rights , International Law and Agreement. Where is Justice for all ???
    They are the ones who disregard what they preach,but use it to their advantage. Afghanistan , Iraq ,Syria and other African Republics. In other words Christian world against Islam .
    Mother Land Turkey and her allies standing against this oppression .

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