March 28, 2023

Richard Chamberlain was pleased and honoured to be able to present his books of old Cyprus photos taken in 1954 to the Kyrenia Library situated just behind the Kyrenia Post office.

Anyone visiting the Library and seeing his books will be able to learn how Cyprus was 65 years ago when the Island was united and at peace.

Richard was lucky enough to have been stationed at Famagusta, (now known as Varosha/Maras) and spent a lot of his off duty time in this once beautiful town/city.

He was able to photograph the town and the Cypriot people as they were then, and the photos have turned out to be a Modern Historical Record that many Cypriots and others do not know how things were then.

Especially now that the Varosha/Maras closed area is now being opened up after 45 years of no one being allowed in to see how the town was in those days.

Obviously, after all those years of neglect the town has fallen into disrepair, but it is very interesting to compare the photos in his book to how thing look now.

The photo shows Richard presenting his books to Sheila Mawhinney

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