March 28, 2023

By Chris Elliott…

Visiting and watching online, the UK Parliament shows extemporal social distancing as there are hardly any MPs in attendance there.

One of the items being discussed with a bit of fast footwork is to downplay the two-faced attitude of the EU over COVID-19 vaccination supplies.

What I found more interesting is the continued pressure being brought to restrict the UK government from making new trading deals with countries outside the EU who are guilty of human rights violations like China and many people would sympathise with that course of action.

If this policy would become law I wonder whether it could become a retrospective law, for as we all know the so-called Republic of Cyprus, which was allowed into the EU, have since then vetoed any efforts to help the Turkish Cypriots living in the North of the island under international embargoes.

That being the case there could be an argument that the UK was trading with a country guilty of human rights violations and that all trading should be ceased including commercial flights to and from the south of Cyprus to the UK.

No doubt the naysayers will protest that this action would be unjust victimisation and their will to have North Cyprus embargoed is justified which is supported by the world community, the UK, UN, and EU who do not wish the accept the Truth of the Cyprus Issue.

Please have your say on this issue and perhaps the UK will finally live up to its responsibilities as former Cyprus Colonial master and one of the guarantors of the  Cyprus Independence agreement that failed in a short time and terror tactics and bloodletting by Greek Cypriots and Greeks against the Turkish Cypriots forced them into enclaves and eventually driving them all into the north of the island.

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