April 1, 2023

Levent College Science Exhibition opened online on Sunday, 14th March  2021 to commemorate Albert Einstein’s birthday and the death of Stephen Hawking , with respect and gratitude.

In the science exhibition, which has been organised by Levent College students and teachers with great effort and care every year since the 2007-2008 academic year, and the tradition has continued this year, 29 experiments were presented in the fields of physics, chemistry and biology, and more than 90 students played an active role. The exhibition, which aims to use the students imagination, develop their creativity and create an instinct to work with devotion, was the result of approximately 2 months of work.

The exhibition, which was visited by more than 1000 viewers a day, gained great admiration of the visitors with their interesting discoveries, presentations and mastery of the subjects they told.

The Science Exhibition, where Levent College students present scientific experiments, can be watched online due to the pandemic process, unlike previous years. We congratulate our students who prepared all the content and website designs of the organisation and we are proud of their success.

To view the exhibition online click here.

Source (Turkish) : Levent College


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