April 1, 2023

Tatar: “Geneva is the opportunity to explain that understanding on federal basis has been exhausted”

President Ersin Tatar made evaluations to the Turkish Agency Cyprus (TAK) before the unofficial 5+1 conference on Cyprus to be held in Geneva at the end of April.

Stating that they received an invitation to the 5+1 conference to be held in Geneva at the end of April and conveyed their answers about their participation, Tatar emphasised that everyone may have different opinions, but the importance of this meeting for them is that they have the opportunity to express that an understanding on federal basis, which has been discussed for years, has been exhausted.

Tatar stated that this is best known by the United Nations (UN) because these meetings were carried out with the goodwill mission of the UN, and that this issue was placed on the world’s agenda with the Annan Plan.

Reminding that during the Annan Plan period, the Turkish Cypriot people said yes and broke the taboos by showing great self-sacrifice in the referendum, Tatar said, “The other side said no and was rewarded by being accepted into the EU, the issue has now become even more complex.”

Reiterating that, a lot of work was done for a federal-based agreement in Crans Montana, serious issues were discussed for the first time at a five-party table and it was said “This is the last chance, the last try”, and that the then President, Mustafa Akıncı, said “it is the last attempt of our generation” yet a result could not be reached, Tatar said, “If a process will start after this time, it will be different.”

Stating that Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean are not the same anymore, the conditions have changed and the expectations have changed into the criteria included in their proposals, President Tatar said, “If you want a sustainable agreement based on long-term goodwill, it must be based on the facts. The facts of Cyprus are also clear”.

Tatar stated that it is no longer possible to secure a federal partnership, and that they do not want to be the cause of a waste of time for another 50 years and they will go to the conference in order to agree a realistic basis.

Tatar expressed his belief that there is “no Turkish Cypriot side which is condemned to an agreement and will say yes to any solution by imposition” before the Greek Cypriots and that they will defend their politics to the end and that they will come to the places they deserve.

Noting that the Turkish Cypriots are in a very different position compared to the past, they have a structure that can engage in all kinds of relations with the world with much more experience, Tatar said, “The obstacle is now in the minds, we are overcoming them, the injustice that the world has done to us is their embarrassment.”

Tatar announced that he will meet with the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell on Friday 5th March, and also meet with the UN’s Special Envoy to Cyprus Jane Holl Lute, on Monday 8th March, and he will then meet with political parties one by one during the following week. Tatar also said that he would inform the Parliament before and after going to Geneva.

Expressing that a meeting with the Greek Cypriot Administration leader Nikos Anastasiades is not on his agenda before going to Geneva, Tatar said that they do not need anything to weaken the meeting in Geneva.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office

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