October 4, 2023

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “The convoy to provide logistics supply to Erenköy has been blocked by the Greek Cypriot side”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the Greek Cypriot side has prevented the regular crossing of the convoy, which has been planned to be carried out in order to provide logistics supply to the military unit stationed in Erenköy in accordance with the Yeşilırmak Agreement at the Yeşilırmak Land Border Gate yesterday (3/3/2021).

In the written statement made by the Ministry it has been stated that “Although the necessary notifications have been made according to the principles of the mentioned agreement, the Greek Cypriot side’s blocking of the regular passage for the purpose of supply is a clear violation of the Yeşilırmak Agreement. This is not the first violation of the agreement by the Greek Cypriot side.”

The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs continued as follows:

“The prevention of regular passage, which has a human dimension in order to deliver basic needs to our unit in Erenköy, the establishment of 223 portable heavy weapon bunkers, 35 of which are in the buffer zone along the line of contact and preventing the passage of tourists who want to visit our country through the land border gates are the examples of the tension politics being used by the Greek Cypriot side recently.

Our Ministry has already taken the necessary initiatives at the highest level before the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces in order to immediately terminate the violation of the Yeşilırmak Agreement and strongly protested regarding the mentioned violation. It is obvious that if the Yeşilırmak Agreement is not honoured, our country will have to take steps against it.”

Source : TRNC Public Information Office


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