March 28, 2023

By Chris Elliott…

In this latest Podcast, we feature Special Representative of President Ersin Tatar, Ergün Olgun who gives a summary of the key requirements needed to ensure a progressive move forward to solve the Cyprus Issue.

“Equal status and legitimacy should be created between the 2 sides”

This is the latest CyprusScene feature to share news and reviews from Northern Cyprus.
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4 thoughts on “Podcast, Equal status and legitimacy required between the 2 sides

  1. Sorry, but I could not find any trace of either President Tatar or Chief Negotiator Ergun Olgun on this podcast, as was promised – both of whom I was looking forward to hearing.
    There is merely a rushed and undramatic press-release read by an American (who sounds completely unfamiliar with the situation) in a completely deadpan, unconvincing and unengaging fashion.

    1. Sadly John you are taking a narrow-minded point of View ..

      Firstly President Tarar was referred to by way of introducing Ergun Olgun.

      The big point you are missing is that the latest technologies are being used to spread the Turkish Cypriot point of view.

      Finally, you are criticizing this Podcast when the news issued from North Cyprus may well have been published in other languages like Russian, French German etc etc so what’s the problem with that.

  2. Bravo. Erfün Olgun beyin bu göreve atanması çok müthiş ve yerinde bir karar.Sn.Cumhurbaşkanımız ve Ergün beyi kutlarız. Çok sevindik.

    1. Thank you for your comment and we have translated this for those who may not speak your language

      “Bravo. The appointment of Ergün Olgun Bey to this task is a great and appropriate decision. We congratulate Mr. President and Mr. Ergün. We are very happy.”

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