May 31, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

These days most of us have experienced the difficulties of living with Covid-19 restrictions and lockdown and our social lives being restricted, perhaps many of us are watching more TV and recently for a change I went to Youtube and spotted a video by Chris Krzentz.

In the past, we had published articles contributed by Chris Krzentz with his videos which were very interesting and entertaining and the video I watched reminded me of when I walked many times the same streets wondering about the buildings I saw and this is what Chris had to say about the video.

“Chris Krzentz

This is a video of my two Armenian documentaries of the Armenian quarter, in the north part of Nicosia, Cyprus. They were filmed on Oct 21, 2016, and on Oct 27, 2017. If you like the videos, please subscribe to the Chris Krzentz global YouTube channel”

What I also found interesting about this video is places mentioned had also been mentioned in past contributed articles by Turkish Cypriots and in the video by Chris for me some of the limelights were the wide range of old buildings, some sadly in very poor condition but others renovated and beautiful to behold.

Please take time to watch and enjoy this video and learn much of past Nicosia and its people.

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