April 1, 2023

In accordance with the “Special Zoning Order” published under the Zoning Law in the Official Gazette on 2nd February 2021, “USE CHANGE AUTHORISATION” has been given to the Municipalities within the framework of the Girne-Çatalköy Zoning Plan.

According to the information given by Girne Municipality, the Municipalities have been authorised within the framework of the laws and regulations for the workplaces that are planned to be opened within the boundaries of the Girne Municipality by obtaining approval from the City Planning Department.

In this context, for the workplaces to be opened, it is necessary to get the permission of the Zoning Department of our Municipality in any building/office to be rented and/or purchased.

In his statement on the subject, Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü pointed out that with this law, the traffic load created by businesses in the city will decrease, and the effect of the commercial work to be carried out in the region for the people of the region will be determined and allowed accordingly. At the same time, he explained that taking into account the complaints of the landlord and neighbours, the permit will be the determining factor.

Güngördü said, within the scope of this law, within the boundaries of our municipality, for the workplace, office, etc. to be opened it is a legal obligation to apply to our Municipality before buying or renting the businesses. He noted that the entire public must comply with this important legal rule in order to avoid problems, as well as obeying all other rules.

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality


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