March 21, 2023

Ramadan Cemil Enterprises donated Hygiene Aid Packages consisting of 3,000 products to be distributed in 6 districts to needy citizens affected by the economic difficulties caused by the Covid 19 epidemic that continues all over the country.

The distribution of food and hygiene packages to citizens in need from business people and benevolent citizens is delivered through Municipalities. Today, 25th February 2021, Ramadan Cemil Enterprises donated a hygiene aid package consisting of 3,000 products to be distributed in 6 districts.

The presentation ceremony held at Girne Municipality was attended by Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü, Director of Ramadan Cemil Operations Işın Ramadan Cemil, Mayor of Union of Municipalities and Güzelyurt Municipality Mahmut Özçınar, Mayor of İskele Hasan Sadıkoğlu, Mayor of Lefke Aziz Kaya, Mayor of Çatalköy Mehmet Hulusioğlu, Famagusta Municipality representatives and executives of Ramadan Cemil Businesses.

Işın Ramadan Cemil, Director of Ramadan Cemil Operations, pointed out that the issue of hygiene is of great importance in the Covid-19 outbreak and stated that, as a company, they preferred to make a donation of hygiene products.

Thanking the Municipalities that will distribute the aid packages, Işın Ramadan Cemil emphasised that she fully believes that the aid will find the best places.

The feeling of cooperation and solidarity that exists in the soul of the society came to the fore again.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü reminded in a statement that since March 2020, the country has been struggling with major problems due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many workplaces have been closed in this process, and many people have been made unemployed.   He said that many business people, institutions and organisations have brought the feeling of solidarity in the spirit of the society again.

Güngördü stated that with the second closure period in January, the need for social solidarity has reappeared, reminding that business people, institutions, organisations and benevolent citizens are taking action again, and today, Ramadan Cemil Businesses, one of the long-established enterprises of the country, donated hygiene packages to be distributed by the Municipalities in 6 districts.

Pointing out the importance of hygiene protection from the epidemic, Güngördü thanked Ramadan Cemil Enterprises, and noted that 28 Mayors will distribute these aid materials to the citizens in need in the fastest and most fair way.

The Mayor of the Union of Municipalities and Mayor of Güzelyurt Mahmut Özçınar, thanked Ramadan Cemil Enterprises for their sensitivity, and wished these aids to be an example to other institutions, business people and charitable citizens.  He said the Municipalities will determine the needy citizens at every point in the country in the most fair and accurate way and that the hygiene aid will be distributed quickly and fairly to these citizens.

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality

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