April 1, 2023

As communities across Europe and the Mediterranean grapple with second wave COVID-19 surges, the nefarious impact of the pandemic on mental health has become a growing concern. With lockdowns, and curfews reinstated in some countries to curb the spread, stress and anxiety is on the rise.

A survey carried out by the World Health Organisation during the first wave of the pandemic revealed 93% of the country surveyed suffered disruptions to one or more critical mental health services. Across Europe, 40% of participating countries reported worse outcomes with the closure of three out of every four mental health services. This has had an adverse effect on 84 million people with mental health issues.

TRNC is currently undergoing a lockdown and full curfew in all districts as part of its efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19. This has engendered unintended consequences such as fear of infection, isolation, loneliness, loss of income, and general anxiety about the future which are huge triggers to mental stress and other psychological issues. This situation is all the more worrisome amongst students for whom school provides not just a learning platform but an ideal environment for socialization, relaxation, recreation, and camaraderie.

Against this backdrop, the MEDI Foundation Student Society in partnership with the ADDICTION COUNSELING & SUPPORT program of the TRNC Prime Ministry’s Anti- Drugs Commission is extending a helpline to those going through mental stress, addiction, or psychological issues.

Please, if you are going through any of the above, or know and want to help someone involved, you can call this toll-free number to get professional assistance:

Tel: 1191

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