April 1, 2023

We are sharing for readers who are seeking the latest facts and information news recently provided by the British Residents’ Society to their members.


The full curfew/lockdown has been extended until February 22, 2021, at 05:00.

The decision to suspend entry and exit between districts will continue for another week.

On Sundays, businesses other than pharmacies and bakeries will remain closed.

From Monday, takeaways and online transactions will be available between 11.00 and 21.00.

Banks will work during working hours with minimum staff.

In Nicosia, Kyrenia, and Famagusta district centres, where the population is largest, Pharmacies will be divided into two groups and will work alternately between 08:00 and 15:30. Pharmacies operating in regions other than three district centres will continue their normal working. In addition, the number of pharmacies on duty that will serve after 15:30 in all districts will be increased.


It is against current regulations for owners to walk their dogs, away from their homes. We are aware that the police in Lefkosa and Girne Districts have been taking legal action against anyone caught breaking these curfew restrictions.


As a result of member enquiries regarding the ‘current’ process for registering or applying for vaccination, our Local Government Liaison team have spoken to the majority of Belediyeler. 

All have provided the same basic information, which is as follows,

In order to obtain a vaccination (currently only for those over 65 years), you must call your local Belediye, giving your name and telephone number. They will either then call you to go for your vaccination or provide you with an appointment – at the nominated vaccination centre with the date and time of your appointment.

You will only be required to take your Passports with you for identification and to check that you currently qualify for the vaccination.

Should you be disabled or have mobility problems please make them aware of the situation as arrangements can be made to ensure your vaccination can be completed.

All of the people we have spoken to have reassured us that the vaccination programme is open to everyone, not just citizens. When you attend for the vaccination.

We are aware that vaccines globally are in huge demand and as additional vaccines become available, we will let you know.  At this moment ONLY over-65s are being vaccinated due to their higher levels of risk,


Should you still encounter problems in registering please CONTACT US via the Website.

It may take some time for the belediyeler to implement the program dependant on the number of vaccines available.  Up till now we are aware that 120,000+ vaccines have been supplied from Turkey and 4250 from the EU.


The Ministry of Health has announced that persons who have already been vaccinated will now receive their second dose.

People whose second vaccination date has arrived should make contact, preferably by telephone, with the Health/Vaccination Centre where they received their initial dose to make an appointment for their subsequent injection.

People who are travelling to Health Centres whether within their District or another District, will be exempt from the curfew – provided they are in possession of their vaccination cards which can be presented and checked.


A new AIR NOTAM was issued on 11th February which lasts until 28th February 2021.

Persons arriving in the TRNC from ANY country must quarantine for TEN days.  However persons arriving from the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, South Africa, or Brazil will be required to quarantine for 14 days.

ALL persons arriving in the TRNC MUST be in possession of NEGATIVE PCR test results which are dated within three days (72 hours) of arrival in the TRNC.

TRNC Citizens OR foreign passport holders that have a permanent residence (property where they live) will be allowed to enter under this regulation and they must be in possession of a DOCUMENT which confirms this.

Those who currently wish to enter the TRNC from the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, South Africa, or Brazil will be required to pay a fee of 4,100tl per person in advance, to a TC Ziraat Bankasi account, the details of which are below .

The above fee will include Accommodation, Food, and a PCR test at the end of the 14-day quarantine period.

Should two persons be sharing a room during the 14-day quarantine period then the cost for the additional person will be 1,800tl.

TL HESAP NO: 40298710-5001 IBAN : TR290001000860402987105001

USD HESAP NO: 40298710-5003

USD HESAP NO: 40300032-5001 UBAN : TR470001000860403000325001

EURO HESAP NO: 40298710-5002 UBAN : TR020001000860402987105002

GBP HESAP NO: 40298710-5004 UBAN : TR450001000860402987105004

Once the payment has been made, then you must immediately send a proof of payment to the respective TRNC Consulate Office. The TRNC Consulate will then liaise with you regarding further information.

Other Foreign Passport Holders who have submitted their residency visa applications, and those who own property in the TRNC are strongly advised to check their entitlement to return to the TRNC, with the TRNC Consulate, before making the payment.

The reason for this is that the announcement simply refers to Residency and does not qualify whether this includes applications in progress and or property owners, who have yet to submit applications. We will try and clarify this as quickly as we can, but you may get a quicker clarification from the TRNC Consulate

Editor’s note: For those readers wishing to learn more of the British Residents’ Society and registration as a member which can be started on-line please visit their website – https://brstrnc.com :

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