February 4, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

The problem nowadays is that the more I try not to write about Covid 19, the more I write about it. Unfortunately, this is how things have started turning up, since the start of this pandemic, last year.

The Covid 19 had surfaced in December 2019, but it became news later on when more and more Chinese started getting affected by it in Wuhan city. The virus continued moving ahead, and soon it started showing its face in European countries, and America. Even those countries which had not taken it seriously in the beginning ultimately found themselves forced to take strict actions.

The second wave of the pandemic is fast taking its toll, despite the fact that vaccination has started. Everybody is now thinking about vaccination.

However, right now I am thinking about the first birth date of Covid 19. When should it be recognised? When I think about it, I find it difficult to find a correct answer. When we check out the calendars, it seems difficult to declare one particular date as the birth date of Covid 19.

Some think that in principle, the date when the first Covid 19 was found / invented, is its logical date of birth. Whereas some feel that the real date of birth of the virus is the day when the first Covid 19 virus had slipped out of the doors of some laboratory. But this is not all. Some feel, that the day when the first human being got infected should be considered as the day most suitable to be declared as its birth date.

On the contrary, some circles feel that the date of death of the first Covid 19 patient be declared as the birth date of Covid 19, since that was the day when the world in fact felt the lethal force of the virus.

However, in my opinion the date of birth of Covid 19 has lost its importance now. Right now it’s important to guess the date when the whole world will be free of this menace. Though the process of vaccination has started, I am sure it’s going to take a long time to get the whole world vaccinated. How much time would it take? One year or more? Let’s concentrate on this now.

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