March 28, 2023

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Latest Covid-19 Health Ministry decisions 

(04.02.2021)…“The Council of Ministers held two different meetings and have issued new rulings on pandemic measures.

Prime Minister Ersan Saner announced the decisions:

  • From February 5 at 20:00 until February 15 at 05:00, a full curfew will be imposed.
  • In the last 24 hours, 80 people tested positive for Covid-19, 69 were local cases, therefore, the country will be completely locked down. All special permissions given by the county police board will be suspended, and travel between districts has been banned again.
  • On Sunday, February 7 and 14, no workplace will be open except for pharmacies.
  • Banks will also be closed between 8-12 February, it was said that cheques cannot be processed.
  • Except for pharmacies, petrol stations, markets and essential services, businesses will be closed between 5-15 February
  • Essential services were listed as petrol stations, markets, butchers, bakeries; these places will be open until 17:00, and between 17:00 and 20:00, they will be open only for their suppliers.
  • Restaurants and take-away services will be closed, and sports activities including hiking are also banned.
  • Journalists and lab staff will be able to work; at the same time, public officials such as police, customs, health and fire brigade will be in service. The authorisation process for second dose vaccines will be followed.
  • It has been announced also that 150,000 PCR test kits and three separate test devices will be purchased and the number of tests will be increased. However, it has not been announced how the tests will be carried out under curfew conditions.”

Source: LGC News of today 5th February 2021

NOTE: For more detailed information, please read the statement of the TRNC Radio and TV broadcaster BRTK by clicking here

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