March 25, 2023

President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Ersin Tatar pointed out that the TRNC needs to be recognised internationally for a lasting solution on the island.

A webinar was held online by the Circle Foundation, Council of Turkish Cypriots Association (CTCA), and British Turkish Cypriots Association (BTCA) entitled ‘Future of Cyprus’. TRNC President Ersin Tatar joined the webinar with a video message. He remarked in his message ‘the Turkish Cypriots have been running their own state for a long time, therefore we say to the international community that we deserve our own state to be recognised. My policy now, as the newly elected President of the Turkish Cypriots, is that we have two equal, sovereign states on the island.’ President Tatar underlined that many attempts to solve the Cyprus issue, including the Annan Plan, have failed because of the attitude of the Greek Cypriots.

President Tatar added ‘Accordingly this is our new policy and we are running this policy 100% in accordance with the Turkish government, we are saying that new negotiations should be based on sovereign equality. A lasting solution should not be on the basis of the “Cyprus Republic”, we want our sovereignty and we want our equality’.

He also stated that Turkish Cypriots are one of the two peoples in Cyprus and they deserve to gain the same recognition as the Greek Cypriots. In addition, finding a lasting solution to the Cyprus Issue will provide peace and security in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office                        

1 thought on “Tatar, the TRNC needs to be recognised for a lasting solution

  1. TRNC fully desreves equality and international recognition, they have been oppressed for far too long due to none of their own making.
    Greek Cypiriots need to accept their responsibility and accountability for their actions leading up to the 1974 civil war and fully embrace a future of two separate states without which this sorry existing saga will continue indefinitely..
    Wishing the TRNC best of luck and future prosperity which is much derserved👍😇😎

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