April 1, 2023

Osman Türkay, who was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature and known as the “space poet”, was not forgotten on the 20th anniversary of his death.

Girne  Mayor Nidai Güngördü said in a statement; “Osman Türkay was a poet, writer, journalist and one of our poets who succeeded in taking his place in the world literature with his important contributions to Turkish Cypriot poetry”.   Noting that Osman Türkay, who was born in Ozanköy, was nominated for the Nobel Prize, the most important literary prize in the world, and promoted Cyprus and Cypriots besides Ozanköy, Güngördü said, “It is for us that Osman Türkay, known as the space poet, is remembered in his village and reminded his existence to future generations. It will always be a duty.”

The poet, who took a break from writing poetry between 1951-56 when he was in London, focussed his attention on world poetry, especially English poetry. His poems have also been translated into languages ​​such as Greek, Spanish, and Czech.

The name of the village was formerly known as Kazafana, meaning “Bazaar Village” and later changed to Ozanköy,  after Osman Türkay.

The Municipality of Girne immortalised the value it gave to Osman Türkay, and with the decision taken in 2017, the monument bust of Osman Türkay was unveiled with a ceremony in the village square in Ozanköy.

In 2018, the Municipality also printed Osman Türkay’s “7 Strings, Sleepwalker, Seçme Poems” in accordance with the originals, and presented them to school libraries, universities and many institutions and individuals.

We commemorate the poet on the 20th anniversary of his death with respect and a poem.

Cyprus, the blue pearl of the Mediterranean

Cyprus, the blue pearl of the Mediterranean

I was born, saw the first rays of sun

The first country where I breathe poetry, peace and glory

Now you thirty five thousand feet high

I flew from India to London

I’m watching from the window of the plane

I pour your beauty into my heart like adoring

I drink sip by adding my longing to my pain.

Source (Turkish) : Girne Municipality

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