March 25, 2023

A protocol was signed between Girne Municipality and the Arkın Group for a restoration project within the boundaries of Bellapais Village, in the area which was used as the Turkish Cemetery before 1974.

According to the information received from Girne Municipality, it was stated that with the decision of the Council of Ministers on 4th October 2019,  the area, which was a Turkish Cemetery before 1974 in the Bellapais location, was allocated to the control and responsibility of the Municipality of Girne. 

In the statement made by the Girne Municipality, it was predicted that the cost of the project could be approximately 1,200,000 TL, based on a cost estimation at January 2021, and 1/3rd of this amount would be covered by the company and the protocol was signed.

Girne Municipality plans to build/restore a total of 544 graves and walkways, parking lot and ceremony area, consisting of 474 Muslim graves and 70 non-Muslim graves, in this project. Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said in a statement on the subject that they are in constant cooperation with business people such as Erbil Bey, who lives in the city, and that they have signed good projects and will use them, and the idea of restoring the unused cemetery in Bellapais belongs to Arkın Group Director Erbil Arkın.  Güngördü stated that it is also important for us that people give importance to the towns and villages in which they live, and that it is among the primary duties of the municipalities to beautify the towns where they live. He said that as someone who believes that it is right for people to have their graves at the closest distance in the towns where they live, he attaches great importance to the project and expressed his gratitude to Arkın Group Director Erbil Arkın for his contribution.

Arkın Group Director Erbil Arkın said in his speech that they signed a protocol with Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü to restore the Bellapais cemetery, in order not to forget the origins of the Bellapais people and to increase the usability of the cemetery.  Stating that they want to add value to Girne and all of our people with what we do, Arkın expressed that they will support Girne Municipality in this project, and thanked Güngördü for his interest.

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality


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