February 6, 2023

Girne Municipality, Health and Police (Zabıta) Branch Teams along with many commercial businesses serving the citizens, increased the audits of the businesses serving food and beverage.

According to the information received from the Health Department of the Girne Municipality, during the inspections on food businesses between 01-15 January 2021, controls were made on the issues of business permit, health record, general hygiene and Covid-19 precautions. 4 workplaces were closed due to their deficiencies and their activities were stopped. Shooters Coffee, Manipeni Restaurant and Enn Biber Restaurant, were closed due to deficiencies, and as they remedied their deficiencies, activities were allowed again. Jashan Restaurant, which was also found to be deficient, is still not allowed to operate.

Foods that were found to be unsuitable for consumption in various quantities of vegetables, fruit, dairy products, sandwiches, etc. were confiscated to be destroyed from 7 food businesses.

Health and Police Branch Teams checked the compliance of enterprises with general Covid-19 measures in a total of 436 workplace inspections.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü made a statement on the subject and said, “We continue our work with responsibility and sensitivity about all the measures to be taken for the health of our people.”

Güngördü pointed out that our people should pay attention to all warnings made as a precaution, and they should obey the rules of distance between tables and chairs in crowded places, and that they should wash their hands frequently and a mask should be used correctly and continuously to cover the mouth and nose.

He added “We carried out intensive efforts to protect the health of our people with many measures and practices we have implemented as the Municipality due to the pandemic. I would like to invite all of our tradesmen to cooperate in order to take the necessary precautions, especially to comply with the rules on masks and hygiene, and wish all our people healthy days.”

Source (Turkish) : Girne Municipality

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  1. Pity it does not apply to Karakum and Catalkoy masks not being worn or in some areas distancing not being observed also Supermarked not taking names and phone no’s, people just wandering in, stopped going there

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