January 31, 2023

By Richard Beale …….

A few days before Christmas the “old Tempo Supermarket” situated on the main road near the entrance to the Esentepe beach reopened under new owners.

H. GÜL  who have 3 other stores in Girne, Karşıyaka and Çatalköy have now added Esentepe to their operations.

It is a kind of homecoming for the owner Hasan Gül who originates from Baçheli.

Kaan Görneçli is the Manager of the new supermarket, and lives in Esentepe and I have known him for many years as he was a footballer for Esentepe.

Kaan invited me to have a look around the supermarket to ask me what I thought and to take some photographs..

The Manager of the new H. GÜL, Esentepe, KAAN donating dog food to street dogs and (right) playing for Esentepe.

The first thing that you notice when entering the store is the amount of stock there which is a far cry from the sad days at the end of Tempo. Every space in the store is well stocked and displayed.

As you enter the store on the right there is an impressive range of alcohol, beer, wines, and spirits. I was especially pleased to see my favourite brand of Rakı on special offer!

It was good to see that H. GÜL have kept the delicatessen counter that was always popular in the Tempo days. The fresh food is delivered every day around 11-00am, including roast chicken, various takeaway meals, mezes and salads.

There are 2 meat counters which are sourced from a local butcher in Esentepe. One refrigerated counter displays beef and lamb and there is a separate pork counter with various cuts of meat and also pre-packed specialist meats, from Italy and Spain with slices of ham, Prosciutto, salami, Pepperoni and tapas etc.

The Pork counter (left) and  the Deli counter (right).

Bacon, sausages, prawns, salmon and other frozen items are on display in the frozen cabinets.

There is an impressive display of fresh fruit and vegetables which is replenished every other day.

For cat and dog lovers just before you enter the store there is an extensive range of canned and dry food at very competitive prices.

Every month all H, GÜL Supermarkets have special offers and discounts and again the prices are comparable with the larger supermarkets in Girne.

The Esentepe Supermarket will be fully operational in the next few weeks, they are awaiting new signage for the front of the building and gradually will be getting other items in store.

Kaan the manager is very approachable, speaks good English and can help with any queries and wants you may have. Please tell him of any lines that you think you will like to see the Supermarket stock, it’s early days as we say in Cyprus “yavaş yavaş!”

Kaan also said that he has plans to do “special events” on the weekends maybe in the form of “doner kebabs, special promotions and tasting from various manufacturers. Beer tasting was my suggestion!

All the shelves are well stocked which is great to see

The Esentepe, Bahçeli and Küçük Erenköy areas have been crying out for a larger supermarket and now we have one.

Whether you use it daily, weekly or occasionally it gives you the option and maybe save on an unnecessary trip into Girne. As somebody pointed out to me while I was taking photos it’s not only petrol you save on but also “time” and you cannot put a price on that.

H.GÜL , Esentepe is open 7 days a week 7-00am- 9-00pm

PS: For this article H. GÜL  donated dog food for the stray dogs my wife and I are caring for.

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