March 21, 2023

For local readers who may have visited the Bluesong Restaurant in Lapta recently, we are sharing the following news from The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) for those that may need to take precautionary action.

” Dear members,

I have been asked to  inform you on the behalf of the Bluesong  Restaurant  that Esat [the owner] , after feeling unwell, has tested positive for the Covid 19…. the restaurant is closed for 2 weeks with immediate effect… the official TFR website will inform you when it is reopening, hopefully by Friday 15th January, but this will be confirmed nearer the date.

Please note that all TFR Friday meetings, canasta & Bingo will not be available at the Bluesong until notified.  On behalf of the TFR we wish Esat a speedy recovery and his staff to stay healthy. Anyone who has any health concerns should go to a medical centre and seek a test to put your mind at rest.

Esat has now informed me that it is mostly  the  people who attended the Bluesong on the 31st December who should get tested as he was not in for the other days . Go to a hospital and tell them you were exposed to a positive Covid victim and you will get tested.

Pamela Tschersich
TFR Events Manager”

Editor´s Note: To be sure and safe, all members who have been at Bluesong Restaurant last week (not only on 31st December) should go and have a PCR-test.

Either at the State Hospital in Lefkosa for free or in a private hospital as e.g. Dr. Suat Günsel (Near East) in Girne-Karakum for a fee of 150TL (no waiting queues there). I have been there and got my negative result today…

Please avoid social contacts until you got a negative test result…

Ralph Kratzer
TFR Information and Internet Manager”


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