March 26, 2023

Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoğlu pointed out that 2020 was a year that will not be erased from memory for many years, especially due to the negative effects of the Covid -19 pandemic, which affected our country as well as the whole world, especially in the field of health and economy. “It will be intense and arduous on behalf of the government in order to eliminate it in terms of health and economy.”

He also said: “Our country, which is struggling with the biggest epidemic of the last century, together with the whole world, is leaving behind a year with difficulties in terms of both health and economy.

Together with the world, the process of combating the pandemic in our country has been a difficult process in every aspect. The measures we have put forward as the government against the Covid-19 pandemic, keeping public health at the forefront of course, have created great economic difficulties.

Undoubtedly, the tourism sector and subsidiary sectors supported by the tourism sector were among the sectors most affected by the pandemic.

Source (Turkish) : Ministry of Tourism and Environment

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