January 30, 2023

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü published a message on 5th December, to mark the 86th anniversary (1934) of the Turkish women’s right to vote and to be elected and 5th  December  World Women’s Rights Day.

Güngördü; “Our women, who have a very important place in the family, have also established their existence by proving that they are successful in business life, arts, sports and many other fields. In all Turkish societies in history, women are very important both in family and social life. The woman acts as a bridge between family and society. The contribution of women to the functioning of the social system is great in terms of the duties they fulfill in societies. It is the prerequisite for a healthy society that our women are educated, knowledgeable and conscious. Women in particular form the foundation of the family and society in general.”

Mayor Güngördü pointed out that women councillors in the Girne Municipal Council have made important contributions to the decisions taken for the city, and stated that women assume important responsibilities in all areas of life and achieve successful work.

“5th December Women’s Rights Day; On 5th December 1934, this date was started to be celebrated as the day of women’s rights with the adoption of the law giving ‘Women the Right to be Deputies and to be Elected’. Ignored in all spheres of life, women gained important political and social rights with the declaration of the Republic and revealed their presence in the social field. These rights, which were given to Turkish women by Atatürk before many western countries, are concrete indicators of the importance women attach to their place in society.

With these feelings and thoughts, we celebrate this meaningful day of all our women with my most heartfelt feelings; I wish success, health and happiness to our women who are symbols of love, affection and devotion ”.

Source (Turkish) : Girne Municipality


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