May 30, 2023

Readers mail
Sue Tilt – Tulips Help Those With Cancer Association

The Black Olive Christmas Fete 2020 was the first of both Tulips and Heartbeat (NCCCT) working together as a team and what a fantastic team we turned out to be . The support we had from the stall holders and customers alike was absolutely amazing with the door entrance fee (which included free entrance into our raffle), guess the name of the teddy (won by Stan Cudd who decided that we could auction it and as a result we received a further 200TL) the stall holders donations … an incredible 7,870TL was raised.

From this we deducted the prize money of 1,000TL and divided the balance between the 2 charities who also had their own stalls and individual sales figures.

In total Tulips raised a fantastic 4,362 TL!!!

Thank you to The Black Olive for hosting the event and asking Tulips to join the festivities; to everyone who participated, stall holders and guests alike; to Heartbeat who made great partners in this our first joint venture!













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