April 1, 2023

Readers mail…..

Richard Chamberlain…..


Hello Chris and Margaret,


A powerful tornado swept through parts of Ozankoy and some other areas at about 1pm on Friday 20th November causing quite a lot of damage to some properties, cars and trees.


A large tree was snapped off in the centre of Ozankoy, causing damage and blocking the road for hours until the municipality workers were able to saw it up and remove it.


The electricity Teknecik power plant in Catalkoy was badly damaged by the powerful winds


Thousands of homes along the North Coast of the TRNC were left without power for hours. Luckily, it appears there was not many injuries.


In my area in Ozankoy we had our share of damage with an Audi convertible parked in the street being swamped by a tree which fell on it and nearby another neighbour was devastated to find his aluminium carport had collapsed on his Mercedes motor car.


My daughter Lynne had considerable damage in her garden with a large trampoline being severely twisted and mangled and garden furniture damaged..

A number of large rubbish bins had been blown around 100 meters down our road with one of them damaging another parked car.


Now seeing more pictures and videos on social media pages of the damage caused by the tornado that hit the north coast of Cyprus we should be thankful that reported injuries are small in number.


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