April 1, 2023

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Nick Gough…Lambousa Archers…..

On the 14th of November the Lambousa Archers took part in the last ‘open’ competition of the season and one which commemorated the 37th anniversary of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

A total of 27 archers from 8 Federated clubs shot 72 arrows each over distances from 30-70 metres at target sizes ranging from 80-120 centimetres.The traditional Turkish archers (Geleneksel) were well represented with five archers in traditional dress, shooting at their distinctive targets over a distance of 40 metres.

The archers shoot six ‘ends’ of six arrows twice for a total of 72 competitive arrows and after the first six ends (36 arrows) there is a break of approximately 30 minutes before shooting the final six ends.

Shooting for Lambousa Archers under the Federation club name ‘Ferdi’ in the over 60’s category were Nick Gough, Mike Turner and Atilla Berberoglu. Yasar Meric Tunca shooting under the club name GAU completed the group, shooting with a compound bow whereas the Lambousa Archers all shoot with recurve. All four shot at an 80cm target over a distance of 30 metres.

It was a fine day for archery, the early threat of rain never materialised and by the start of the tournament the cloud had dispersed and the day was sunny with a light breeze. Shooting on targets 1 and 2 on the left hand end of the line, the competition was fierce and the scores after the first six ends were fairly even. It was only into the second round that Nick was able to establish a slight lead and hold onto it to finish in 1st place just ahead of Yasar Meric in second and Mike in third.

To complete the tournament, the certificates, medals and trophies were awarded to the successful archers by the Deputy Chairman of the Parliament, Mr Zorlu Tore. All who participated agreed that it had been a very enjoyable day and gave thanks to the Federation, the organisers and judges.

We look forward to taking part in the next tournament which will be the start of the ‘closed’ season to be held indoors, all at 18 metres distance at a venue and date yet to be announced.

Anybody with an interest in taking up archery is welcome at Lambousa Archers and we can be contacted through our Facebook page, Lambousa Archers or by email at lambousaarchers@gmail.com

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