April 1, 2023

TRNC Ministry of Health decided to apply new measures in connection with the decisions taken by the Infectious Diseases Supreme Committee. The decisions taken by the Ministry are as follows;

    1. The quarantine decisions applied until 16 November 2020 will be extended until 30 November 2020 at 23:59.
    2. In view of the increasing cases in the Greek Cypriot Administration, the committee decided that from 19 November 2020 negative PCR test results will be required from those who enter from the Greek Cypriot Administration and will reside in the TRNC for more than 3 days. They will remain in quarantine for 7 days. However, those who enter the TRNC from the Greek Cypriot Administration and reside for less than 3 days, will be required to submit negative PCR test results which have been made within 3 days and will not remain in central quarantine for 7 days. TRNC Immigration Office will be informed of those people at the time of entrance.
      Those who work, have education (including registered parents) or have health care in the Greek Cypriot Administration, residents of Pile, Personnel of diplomatic missions in Cyprus, UN, EU, British Bases Area and Peace Forces personnel are exempt from this implementation however, these people will be given random PCR tests.
    3. Boxing, wrestling, and martial arts sports branches will not be held until 30 November 2020.
    4. Entertainment venues such as clubs and discos will not be opened until 30 November 2020.
    5. According to the requirement of the Sports Department, it has been decided to allow the training of non-contact sports including Kempo.
    6. Exhibitions will be opened under the condition of social distance, masks, and other protective measures.
    7. Cinemas will be opened under the condition of hygiene, ventilation and 1.5 meters for seating to comply with social distancing.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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