April 1, 2023

The inspections by the Girne Municipality for businesses that operate within the city limits continue. In the information given by the Girne Municipality, in health and hygiene controls, in food-related businesses the cleaning of the general work areas, the hygiene and COVID measures, the hygiene measures of the working personnel, and the audits of the food safety elements continue.

Businesses are warned to eliminate the detected nonconformities. In the detection of situations that endanger human health in an enterprise there is a penalty for closing the business.

A total of 873 workplaces were inspected in the audits carried out by the Girne Municipality Health Branch and City Security Unit teams between 14th October and 13th November 2020.

Within the scope of the inspections, 16 workplaces were notified about their deficiencies. 5 workplaces were sealed for not complying with environmental pollution, business permit, health records, and general hygiene and COVID-19 rules.  9 workplaces were fined under the Law of Municipalities. The enterprises were fined a total of 33,891 TL due to the lack of general cleaning and hygiene,  products that did not comply with the COVID-19 rules,  shelf products which had exceeded the expiry date, and businesses which did not have a health record.

Girne Municipality Health Department teams also check the measures taken by the workplaces against the Covid-19 pandemic in their routine inspections.

In this context, the teams gave information to the workplace owners and employees about the measures to be taken and the issues to be taken into consideration for the protection of both workplace employees and citizens against Covid-19 during the inspections they carried out between 14th October and 13th November.

In these inspections, which are carried out with the coordinated work of the Girne Municipality Health Department and the Security Police Department, the teams give the necessary warnings in the first place and impose various sanctions, including warning and closing the workplaces that do not comply.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü made a statement on the subject; “In the controls made by the municipal teams, it is checked whether the necessary measures are followed. We will continue our audits for public health day and night with great determination. As a Municipality, we continue our intensive work to protect the health of our people.  Our sensitivity is greater due to the pandemic. For this reason, I invite all our tradesmen to cooperate and take the necessary precautions and obey the rules.”

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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  1. Good work. I wish they would check restaurants too. Our favourite fish and chips in Alsancak need to follow the rules and improve hygiene. Chef is never in whites, just jeans and T shirt nor does he wear a mask and serving staff also do not wear masks. I thought it was law? Its such a shame as the fish n chips are very good!

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