December 11, 2023

6 out of every 10 Greek Cypriots believe that Greek Cypriot Administration is a “Corrupt State”

According to the online survey conducted by “Retailzoom” company on the account of the Greek Cypriot Politis newspaper on 20th-22nd October, with the participation of 2213 people, only one out of every 12 people believed that the Greek Cypriot Administration was a “state of law”, while one out of every three people expressed that it does not work with corporate seriousness.

76% of the participants stated that the biggest responsibility for the scandal on gold passports belongs to the former Greek Cypriot Parliament Speaker Dimitris Syllouris and 17% to AKEL Deputy Hristakis Ciovanis. In this context, 92% of the participants stated that they believe that other politicians besides Syllouris and Ciovanis were also involved in this business.

While 63% of the respondents stated that they were “disgusted” when they watched Al Jazeera’s video, 29% said they “felt ashamed”, and 70% agreed with the decision of the Greek Cypriot Council of Ministers to cancel the program for granting citizenship in return for investment.

73% of the participants stated that they do not want to see the Greek Cypriot Leader, Nikos Anastasiades as a Leader again and they will oppose his candidacy once again in 2023.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office

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