December 6, 2023

The Leader of the National Unity Party and Prime Minister Ersin Tatar reacted to the statement of the UN Security Council Presidency regarding the opening of Maraş and said “the UN is expected to see the realities”.

In his written statement, Tatar stated “The decision taken regarding Maraş, which is a part of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, was discussed during the UN Security Council session held on 9 October 2020 and within this framework, a statement was made by the UN Security Council Presidency. As the Prime Minister of the TRNC, I consider that the statement was made without taking into consideration the new conjuncture in the Eastern Mediterranean and the realities of the Island by being affected by the Greek Cypriot side”.

Expressing that the Turkish Cypriot side never disregarded the UN parameters at the negotiations for many years but Maraş stayed closed for years due to the Greek Cypriot side not accepting a comprehensive solution, Tatar stressed that continuation of the status quo will not help the solution of the Cyprus problem. Tatar added that many Greek Cypriots apply to the Immovable Property Commission. Some of these applications are regarding Maraş. Therefore, the decisions of the Immovable Property Commission will be compatible with the international law. We expect the UN to evaluate the developments on the basis of the realities on the Island in a fair way and to contribute to the solution of Cyprus problem. 

Furthermore, Tatar pointed out “There is not any other territory in the world which has been kept closed due to waiting to reach a solution for half a century. This expansion is not only to the advantage of the Turkish Cypriots but to the advantage of the Greek Cypriots as well. I hope this development will bring a new dimension to the Cyprus problem which has been continuing for years and the Turkish Cypriots will take their rightful place in the world”.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office

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  1. It is illogically possible that the U.N. actually enjoy the Perpetuation of the Statuesque in Cyprus. They must have corrupt seance of Humour.

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