December 6, 2023

By Richard Beale …….

Remember the 3 oily dogs?  Dumped by some cruel so and so in the August heat at the old Army Camp just outside Esentepe Village with no food or water.

Dumped in a pit where people change their car oil, so they were covered in oil hence their nickname “the Oily Dogs.”

We managed to clean them up, but one dog had severe malnutrition and was dehydrated, it turned out she was literally hours away from death. She was taken to Petline where Niyazi performed a miracle, packing her with hot water bottles and saving her life.  Barking Mad kindly provided the funds for her treatment and the inoculations for the other two dogs. Ollie, as she is now called, was too weak to be returned to the forest, so she recovered at our house where she has remained ever since! We have two old dogs, didn’t really want another one, especially a young dog, but she has melted our hearts and is now one of the family.

Left : The Oily dogs being cleaned up and right playing in the forest

The other two, Peanut and Popeye, stayed in the forest at the oil pit, which is now covered with straw to keep them reasonably oil free. Many locals and expats have very kindly fed them or provided us with money to buy food for them and straw to soak up the oil. They were happy roaming and playing in the forest, but there are dangers, snakes, poison, hunters, they could have worried sheep and goats and upset the shepherd and of course, they had no shelter from the elements.

Hot August and an even hotter September came and went for them but they were fed daily by a small group of people.

After having all their inoculations it was time for them to be neutered and spayed which happened in early October at Petline. John Rawlinson who has helped feed them and paid towards their operations, together with the help of Hope4Pets, found temporary accommodation in an empty house in Esentepe where they could recover from their operation.

They are now at this “temporary” accommodation, for how long we do not know, yes they have lost their freedom, but they have a balcony and are given two walks a day.  It’s not ideal but they are safe and when the bad weather comes they will be dry. We hope that we do not have to return them to the forest, where they will have to face the winter in the open air.

POPEYE is the white male dog and PEANUT the female brown dog

Peanut is a “peanut” coloured female Lab/Pointer cross, Popeye a brown/white pointer, we think they are brother and sister around 9 months old. They are devoted to each other, go everywhere and play together, they are inseparable,  so friendly and have so much love to give.

They have had a rotten start to their lives, they didn’t ask or deserved what has happened to them. 


They are fully inoculated spayed and neutered.

These dogs desperately need a permanent home.

Or provide temporary foster care until a permanent home can be found. 

Can anyone help by taking them out for a walk?

Also any food, blankets, toys, etc would be welcome.

PLEASE TRY AND HELP THE OILY DOGS by contacting by email to

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